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How To Download

  • Step: 1. Open in your mobile browser
  • Step: 2. Select your mobile brand from the combo box
  • Step: 3. Then Choose your model in given list.
  • Step: 4. “Download Mobile Dialer” Link is appeared on your screen.
  • Step: 5. Click to download the application.
  • Step: 6. Choose your destination folder to save your application

How To install

  • Step: 1. Select “iTelMobileDialer” application from the saved folder.
  • Step: 2.Press Yes to accept the installation and click on continue.
  • Step: 3. Select the memory where you want to install the application. “Phone Memory” or “Memory Card” and continue. Then again press on continue.
  • Step: 4. Press “OK”. Installation is finished now
  • Step: 5. Now it’s ready to use.
Alternate Mobile Dialer For Symbian Users
How To download and install
  • Step: 1. Open in your mobile browser
  • Step: 2. Press Yes to accept the installation and click on continue.
  • Step: 3. Select destination folder and save application (“phone memory” or “memory card”)
  • Step: 4. After downloading installation will start automatically. If not started automatically please go to the destination folder where you saved the application and click on it.
  • Step: 5. Follow the instructions to complete the installation
  • Step: 6. Once finished go to applications->installed applications-> click on mtring app
  • Step: 7. Enter user anme and password received in your email after buying talktime from phonekall
  • Step: 8. Now you can dial anywhere in the world.

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PC Dialer Features

  • Easy and extremely simple to Install
  • Pretty simple to Operate as well
  • Guarantees near PSTN level quality voice transmission and service
  • Real time 24 x 7 status of your account provided
  • Our PC Dialer is one of the best in the business of VoIP

Mobile Dialer Features

  • Easy to install the application on your mobile phone device
  • All mobile phones that have 2G. 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS and EDGE are good enough for the Dialer
  • The Mobile Dialer is compatible with all operating platforms – Apple iOS, Blackberry OS. Android, Symbian, Microsoft Windows Phone
  • Real time status of your account available 24 x 7
  • Using the Dialer you can call from anywhere to anywhere
  • The voice quality and service are unparalleled